Lymphoedema Clinic Sports Injury Clinic Personal Training Sports Injury Clinic Assessment Many people suffer injuries either as a direct result of sporting activity, poor training practice or simply as a result of overuse. Injuries can be sustained at home, in the work-place or on the sports field. Treatment of these injuries is largely similar although rehabilitation exercise may vary depending on the severity of the injury and post-injury expectations of the patient. Initial consultation will include the taking of a full patient case-history and assessment of pain and symptoms. Where indicated an assessment of posture, lower limb biomechanics and manual muscle testing will be made. Referral back to GP or for osteopathic assessment is made when indicated. Often people presenting for treatment of lymphoedema will also have joint injury and back pain issues. This is often due to abnormal musculo-skeletal and biomechanical stresses put on the body as a result of swollen limbs. These issues are dealt with as part of a standard lymphoedema treatment programme. Common injuries treated in clinic include: Frozen Shoulder Tennis Elbow Achilles Tendon Pain Back and Neck Pain Sciatic Pain Patello-Femoral [Knee] Pain.Shin Splints Sprains and Strains...and many more Massage helps to both relax and normalise soft tissue function as well as detecting areas of tension, active trigger points and adhesions. Careful assessment throughout treatment of muscle length and strength allows for a comprehensive remedial stretching and strengthening plan to be put together which is both achievable and patient specific. Massage can be of benefit to anyone and is often used simply to relax tired and aching muscles and to relieve stress. Electrotherapy Ultrasound Therapeutic ultrasound is a treatment modality that has been used by therapists over the last 50 years to treat soft tissue injuries. Ultrasonic waves (sound waves of a high frequency) are produced by means of mechanical vibration of the metal treatment head of the ultrasound machine. It is a valuable tool in the treatment of tendon and ligament injury and enhancing the healing process. Deep Oscillation Therapy DEEP OSCILLATION ® massage therapy originates from Germany. It is based on the principle of creating low- frequency and very gentle electrostatic impulses in the patient's tissue as the gloved hand of the therapist glides above. The tissue is attracted and released between 5 and 250 times a second, causing a "kneading" of the tissue and a basic shuffling of the substance therein. Penetrating all tissue layers through the skin, sub-coetaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels, it also has clinically proven effects in the connective tissue. Scientifically researched frequencies cause the excess inflammatory by-products, protein solids and build-up of lymph fluid to be powerfully and yet gently pumped out of the tissue, leaving the area free to embark on its natural healing process. Reported benefits for the patient include: Effective in reducing pain and swelling Effective in reducing fibrosis, acute and chronic Reduction in bruising Stimulating wounds to heal (even open wounds) Stimulating flow of nutrients to targeted tissue Improving tissue quality Detoxification Proven Cellulite (Gynoid Lipodystrophy) treatment Stimulating collagen production in the connective tissue Stimulating cell regeneration Lifting and Toning Facial/Bust/Buttock Muscles Naturally Improving Skin Elasticity What are the fields of application? Occupational injury and everyday conditions associated with pain, inflammation, swelling and scar tissue Combined with Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Lymphoedema sufferers Combined with Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Post-Aesthetic Surgery Rehabilitation General and Surgery after care (from 1st day post-op) Non-surgical Cellulite treatment Anti-aging treatment for face-neck-décolleté (state of the art aesthetics technology) Pre- and post-operative Liposuction Post-Partum problems including plugged milk ducts (stimulating milk flow), caesarian section healing, stretch- marks and back- ache Respiratory Problems Tens Therapy Tens is used to treat symptoms of pain and muscle spasm. Settings are easily applied by the patient allowing complete control of the treatment programme. Sports Taping Kinesio-Taping Exercise Rehabilitation A major component of any injury treatment programme is exercise rehabilitation. The clinic offers rehabilitation which ranges from simple joint strengthening, stretching and mobility programmes through to more advanced sport specific conditioning programmes. Personal Aesthetics  Sports Massage Sports Massage Sport and remedial massage techniques are used in combination with: Muscle Energy Techniques [METs] Soft Tissue Release [STR] Strain-Counterstrain [SCS] Trigger Point Therapy  to treat, detect and prevent soft tissue injury and dysfunction. Sports Strapping - Traditional methods of sports strapping using zinc-oxide tape are used to support injured joints thereby facilitating rest and speeding the healing process or as a means of supporting the injured or compromised joint in preparation to playing sport. Athletes requiring sports strapping can be taught in clinic how to self-tape prior to playing their sport. The Kinesio Taping technique was developed in Japan over 25 yrs ago. The technique is  a sports taping method to assist in the healing of traumatised tissue. It has been found that standard taping techniques, such as athletic taping and strapping, provide muscle and joint support, however, they reduce range of motion. Kinesio Taping's key differentiator is its ability to aid the lymphatic and muscle systems, while supporting joints and muscles. For many, the Kinesio Taping applications are a major breakthrough which substantially reduce recovery times and improve fitness levels. Kinesio Taping saw worldwide exposure during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Since then, Kinesio has become one of the fastest growing sport treatment modalities in the world. Assessment Sports Massage Electrotherapy Sports Taping Kineso Taping Exercise Rehabilitation Media and Research  Appointments Tel: 01529 469278 Mob: 07899 964163 E-mail: