Lymphoedema Clinic Sports Injury Clinic Personal Training Patient Testimonials The pros and pros of intensives... The first pro is your MLD practitioner. Count yourself lucky to have found Ann Le Bek. Seeing Ann for this intensive MLD treatment is a real pleasure. She puts you at ease and, as an extra, laughter is in abundance. Immediately you feel you are in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. She is kind and efficient, answers any questions you might have and gets on with the job. The results she has achieved with my arm are amazing. The second pro is percentages - size matters! I urge anyone who has lymphoedema to go for an intensive. It achieves results quickly. My secondary lymphoedema has over the years made my arm 60% larger. Now the difference is only 25% with the majority of that happening in the first weeks of bandaging! Lymphoedema is insidious leaving you with a very very heavy, hurting and awkward arm. For a few days or weeks of inconvenience the major pro is that you have a functioning and small arm back!! There is more laughter than tears over this treatment from Ann, so I urge lymphoedema sufferers to do something sooner rather than later. The last pro is perfection. The sleeve supplied following treatment fitted perfectly and if worn daily, the results achieved stay with you. Margaret Matthews, Holsworthy, Devon,  Feb 2006 I have had primary lymphoedema of the legs since my teens and, without adequate treatment over the years, it has worsened with skin complications and mobility problems. Fortunately for over six years now I have been having regular MLD therapy and bandaging from Ann. She is highly trained in lymphoedema care and approaches her therapy with kindness and understanding of such a stressful and painful condition. Her expertise is very welcome in easing the discomfort and controlling the unrelenting swelling so that daily life is more easily managed. Ginty Squire, Great Torrington, Devon, 2009 “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…..” ???   Specialists told me to accept not walking, to accept life in a wheelchair. Whilst recognising that the London Marathon was hardly a realistic goal, Ann Le Bek was determined that I retained as much movement in my legs as possible.   With endless patience, skill, endurance and with much humour, she gave me the confidence to keep trying and to keep moving if it is only a few steps from the bed to the dressing table and on a good day some 15 yards as far as the loo. She is an outstanding therapist whom I would have no hesitation in recommending to anybody.   Friends to whom I have suggested Ann might be helpful after surgery agree that her post-operative care is second to none. I cannot think of a better person to deal with her lymphoedema patients who benefit greatly from her wide knowledge and experience in this field  –  experience so sorely needed but a treatment so often missing in these cash-strapped NHS days. By no means an insignificant athlete herself, she brings to the area of sporting injuries much understanding not just of the injury but how it was sustained and what effort is needed both from herself and the patient to secure a quick and speedy recovery.    To have been there and done it oneself is a great asset. She is a great lady with qualities and skills rare to find. Someone in whom you can have complete trust. I feel privileged to be able to commend her to future patients in this modern manner. Liz Oakley, Simonsbath, Exmoor, Devon, 2010 If your mobility’s a wreck Just call on Ann Le Bek She’s the ultimate perfectionist Not your usual physioterrorist If your limbs drive you mental Hire these hands warm and gentle She’ll soon bring you round With Havimat and Ultrasound And you get all this for a modest fee Provided you proffer the odd mug of tea Clients stretching  from Devon to the Wash The frail elderly to limping soccer posh She has them all prancing New candidates for Strictly Come Dancing So do it today and don’t delay Try for yourself the Lighterlimbs way From a very old, very overweight, very knackered client sometime creator of coarse verse who wisely prefers to remain anonymous Personal Aesthetics  Media and Research  Appointments Tel: 01529 469278 Mob: 07899 964163 E-mail: